Long Island Brick & Stone Veneers

Long Hill Masonry specializes in adding appeal to your home with the addition of beautifully designed interior veneers and exteriors veneers.  For the interior, veneer applications make excellent additions to your fireplace, walls, columns and kitchen islands, as they are easy to maintain and clean.  Our Long Island mason professionals construct durable veneers that withstand shock, pressure and heat.  It will certainly enhance the interior of your home for years to come.


In addition, exterior veneers can be used for entire home facades, stone wainscoting, door and window treatments, posts and pillars, outdoor fireplaces or kitchens, as so much more.  Our exterior veneers require little to no maintenance, are built to tolerate severe weather conditions, and are waterproof, fireproof and energy efficient.  Our Long Island masons utilize brick, natural stone and cultured stone to turn your dream project into a reality